De Lunch Volendam

Catering partner for travel companies

Volendam is well versed in receiving guests from all over the world and has been doing so for more than a century and a half now. We feel entirely at home in this tradition. Receiving and serving tour groups is a skilled task we have mastered down to the very last detail. A balanced approach, rapid reaction, customer friendliness, experience and the use of only premier class products guarantee the professional approach that we know travel companies demand for their groups. For over 25 years, the harbour restaurant De Lunch has been receiving a wide variety of tourist groups from every part of the globe.

Our top 3 lunches

1 Lunch

2 Pancakes
3 Calzone sandwich gambas
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Our top 3 dinners

1 Fried kibbeling
2 Spare ribs
3 Gambas 'Indian Style'
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Group offers

1 Tjalkmenu
2 Clippermenu
3 Smackmenu
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Opening hours

09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 02.00 hour
09.00 - 24.00 hour