De Lunch Volendam

A well taken care of short break for your tour group

What goes for tour operators of course also applies to the bus tour operators we work with. Our hospitality and expertise of catering to any tour group is clearly demonstrated by the continuous flow of guests we receive from among the two million annual visitors to our famous dike. A visit to our harbour restaurant creates a wonderful break in anyone’s programme. And not just for the travellers. Both driver and the guide will also discover a warm welcome when taking a breather. Come and visit us and find out how De Lunch can become a memorable juncture to your bus tour.

Our top 3 lunches

1 Lunch

2 Pancakes
3 Calzone sandwich gambas
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Our top 3 dinners

1 Fried kibbeling
2 Spare ribs
3 Gambas 'Indian Style'
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Group offers

1 Tjalkmenu
2 Clippermenu
3 Smackmenu
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Opening hours

09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 23.00 hour
09.00 - 02.00 hour
09.00 - 24.00 hour